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Today beautiful teeth are taken for granted and are essential for a well-groomed appearance. Your self-confidence is also positively influenced by well-cared for teeth. We offer you professional tooth cleaning, high-quality dentures and the latest dentistry techniques for dental treatment in our practice at Münchner Freiheit.
We put implants for you and take care of perfect dentures, we do regular prophylaxis, as well as tooth cleaning, periodontal treatments and much more. Our focus is on tooth preservation, implantology, aesthetic dentistry and metal-free restorations. In dentistry, innovative technologies and modern treatment methods are extremely important to us in order to be able to guarantee you the best quality at your Schwabing dentist. 

With us, the focus is on the patient!

As your dentist in Schwabing, we attach great importance to personal and individual advice and treatment according to your needs. We are happy to respond to the wishes of our patients and always try to avoid short waiting times. Our Schwabing-West dental team looks after you with in-depth specialist knowledge, the greatest care and experience. The treatments are painless and pleasant for you with the greatest dental care.


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The team and our dental practice at Leopoldstrasse 74 in Munich, Schwabing

Our dental practice is located in the heart of Schwabing in Munich, is very easy to reach by public transport and offers you a pleasant and modern environment for your dental treatment. It is our aim that at the end of your visit to the dentist you will leave the practice with a satisfied and radiant smile.

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Our goal is that at the end of your visit to the dentist you can walk with a radiant smile.

Professional tooth cleaning

If you want to prevent periodontitis and tooth decay in the long term, you should come to our dental practice in Schwabing about twice a year for professional teeth cleaning or prophylaxis. In addition to a gentle airflow treatment, we tailor the prophylaxis individually to you and your dental needs. We not only remove tartar and plaque, but also offer a helpful debrief and give you valuable tips for your dental care at home.

Implants & dentures

Regardless of whether only one tooth is damaged or several already. In our dental practice in the heart of Munich, we always find the right solution for your dentures. From implants to crowns and prostheses to bridges - we are your competent partner for everything to do with ideal dentures. In implantology, we can restore your chewing function in no time at all and put a smile on your face.

Root canal treatment

Inflammation of the tooth can be caused by a number of reasons. If, for example, bacteria get inside through small cracks or caries in the tooth, this can trigger a painful inflammation. In many cases this can be quickly cured by a root canal treatment. The root canal treatment at your dentist in Munich is absolutely painless and also prevents the tooth from having to be extracted. 


Our teeth are damaged by stimulants such as sugar or a wide variety of bacteria and tooth decay can occur. The substance of the tooth is attacked and irreparably damaged. In our dental practice in Munich Schwabing we offer different options for fillings. Regardless of whether ceramic, composite or cement fillings, we are guaranteed to find the right filling material for you and your teeth. 

Periodontal disease

If your gums bleed frequently, or your teeth are particularly sensitive to intense heat or cold, you should visit your dentist in Munich. These symptoms often conceal periodontal disease - a disease of the periodontium. If the disease is diagnosed early enough, there are various options in periodontology to counteract it and greater damage or even the loss of the teeth can be prevented. 


Who doesn't dream of a bright white smile? In our practice in Leopoldstrasse, we make sure that it doesn't just stay with a dream. So make an appointment now for a professional whitening Munich. Discoloration from coffee, red wine or other luxury foods are a thing of the past within one treatment. During the bleaching process, your teeth will be gently and gently whitened and your self-confidence will shine in a completely new light.

Dental aesthetics

As part of a dental aesthetic treatment, we take care of unsightly fillings, crooked teeth or other misalignments. With our help, the desire for straight teeth and an even smile is not far away. We work in our Munich dental practice, especially with wafer-thin veneers or individual splint therapy. We would be happy to advise you which treatment is right for you and your dental aesthetics.

Aligner rails

Anyone who suffers from misaligned teeth but would like to avoid fixed braces will be delighted with our aligner treatment. The individually manufactured and extremely thin plastic splints gradually bring your teeth into the desired shape. The splints can not only be removed at any time, they also sit almost invisibly on the teeth. Even small screws or wires are spared the wearer with this method of tooth correction. As your dentist in Schwabing, we will be happy to advise you!

Crunch treatment

Too much work or other stress in everyday life in particular means that many people reduce stress at night. In most cases, this is manifested by crunching at night. The consequences of this are not only headache or neck pain, but also tooth fractures or, in the worst case, tooth loss. We offer effective grinding treatments in our Schwabing dental practice and thus help you and your partner to sleep soundly again at night. 

Family dentist & dental treatment pregnancy

Long waiting times are not particularly pleasant for pregnant women or with children. For this reason, we offer separate office hours for families every day in order to minimize waiting times for you. Since women are particularly prone to tooth decay during pregnancy, proper dental care and oral hygiene is extremely important during pregnancy. In our dental practice we have a lot of experience with families and the treatment of pregnant women. We always take enough time for each patient and the treatment and minimize your waiting time! So come to our practice in Munich - we look forward to seeing you!

Everything about dentist treatments

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Office hours
Mon 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
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Your full-service dentist in Munich Schwabing

Leo Dental stands for personal advice and treatment tailored to your needs. In our practice we offer a wide range of dental treatments for healthy teeth and your most beautiful smile. As your dentist in Munich Schwabing, we always endeavor to offer you the latest treatment techniques and the most modern dentistry. From prophylaxis, to implantology and bleaching for adults, to braces and dentistry for children, everything is possible in our dental practice. With a lot of passion and heart at work, we strive every day to provide you with the best possible dental care. Accordingly, we take enough time for our patients with every treatment in order to be able to guarantee an optimal treatment. 


Our practice with a central location in Munich is very easy to reach and is located near the Münchner Freiheit - so we are only a stone's throw away from you for healthy teeth. 


Are you looking for a new dentist? Then you will become a patient in our practice in Munich!

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