Invisible splint therapy

Aligner splint as an alternative to braces

The Aligner Schienentherapie Munich is a type of treatment method to correct misaligned teeth without metal braces. The aligner method achieves both an aesthetic and hygienic straightening of teeth and is based on the use of transparent and removable plastic splints.
Aligner splints are made individually and enable the correction of mild to moderate tooth misalignments. As part of this treatment, the teeth are gently moved into the correct position. Aligner rails can be removed at any time. Thus, they are absolutely harmless when eating as well as during daily oral hygiene. Due to their transparency, they are almost invisible, which is why they are particularly popular with adult patients.


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Treatment method and sequence of aligner splint therapy

Treatment begins with a detailed medical examination and diagnosis. X-rays, impressions and photos of the teeth in the patient's upper and lower jaw are made. With the help of modern computer-controlled 3D imaging technology, an ideal image of the teeth is created, which can be represented by a before-and-after simulation.

A corresponding number of tailor-made aligner splints are produced for each patient, which are then used in many individual steps on the basis of an individually created treatment plan. The splints are worn by the patient in a specified order and are changed regularly. Thanks to the computer-based production, each aligner splint moves the teeth step by step into the desired new position. Regular check-ups are recommended and ensure that the therapy achieves the desired results. At the beginning of the therapy, there may be an increased feeling of pressure in the jaw area. As with conventional braces, this is completely normal and not a cause for concern. The symptoms usually go away after a few days. As with any other treatment of this type, retainers should be worn after the end of the aligner therapy. These ensure that the teeth remain stable in their new position.

Duration of treatment

Depending on the need for correction, the aligner treatment can take around 3 to 18 months. During this time, depending on the course of the treatment, about 3 to 9 splints are used for the upper and lower jaw. The individual rails are replaced approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. How long the treatment lasts depends primarily on how badly the misaligned teeth are.

Advantages of aligner splint therapy

If you want to correct a misaligned tooth, but do not want to wear fixed braces, an aligner therapy is ideal. With the help of various day and night splints, which are individually adapted to the patient, the teeth are gradually moved gently into the desired position. With the help of just one impression, you will receive a free cost estimate for your therapy from us (the detailed therapy plan is chargeable).

The main advantage of the transparent aligners is that they are almost invisible and therefore only recognizable when you look closely. With this treatment method, patients are also completely spared annoying wires or screws. Restrictions in speaking or laughing are therefore not to be feared under any circumstances with the modern treatment method with the aligner system. In fact, thanks to the individual adjustment to the gum line, the aligner method is usually much less painful than fixed braces.

Compared to conventional braces, the simple insertion and removal of aligner splints provides improved oral hygiene and increased wearing comfort. This advantage is particularly noticeable when eating and exercising.

In addition, the aligner rails score with their easy handling and care. If you have any further questions or are interested, just give us a call or use our contact form.

Aligner Therapy Costs

The costs for an Invisalign treatment are not generally applicable. They depend on the respective correction goals and take place depending on the complexity of the case and the duration of the corresponding treatment.

Assumption of costs

The statutory health insurance companies have not yet contributed to the costs of an aligner therapy. However, there are now some additional dental insurance policies that cover the costs. However, since the benefits differ from case to case or from insurance to insurance, it is important to inform yourself in advance and find out about the corresponding benefits.

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