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Our prophylaxis with the Air-Flow® system - maintaining the health and care of our patients' teeth and gums

Professional tooth cleaning serves to prevent and preserve the teeth and gums. Later damage and expensive repairs can be avoided in the long term by regular, professional teeth cleaning.
It is recommended to have this professional cleaning carried out every 6 months in your dental practice in Munich. It goes beyond the usual removal of soft plaque and tartar and deepens the usual check-up.


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Healthy teeth for a lifetime - you can achieve this goal with the right and early prophylaxis Treatment and professional tooth cleaning (PZR) in Munich. With a regular visit to your Schwabing dentist, diseases such as periodontal disease can be avoided or recognized early, thus avoiding serious problems. In this way, our patients can protect their teeth from damage and interventions in the long term.

Clean teeth in our dental practice in the heart of Munich

The process of a professional tooth cleaning

Thorough investigation

Before the actual treatment, we thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. We will advise you in detail on the process and implementation of the tooth cleaning.

Removing tartar

Tartar, plaque and discoloration in the visible tooth area are gently removed.

Removal of deposits

Hard and soft plaque in the interdental spaces and gingival pockets are removed.


Then the entire teeth are smoothed with special devices and the surfaces are polished.

Protection with fluoride

The tooth surfaces are coated with fluoride varnish to protect them from the aggressive acids of the oral bacteria.


Important tips for your daily oral care so that the effect of professional teeth cleaning is retained for as long as possible.

Thorough investigation

Before the actual treatment, we thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. We will advise you in detail on the process and implementation of the tooth cleaning.

Gentle airflow teeth cleaning against persistant deposits

Who does not know it? Unsightly discoloration of the teeth can also arise with proper dental care from external influences such as nicotine, coffee, tea or red wine. You don't have to do without these luxury foods in your everyday life, we use the “Air-Flow ® system” or a modern powder jet device / powder-water spray in our practice to make your teeth shine again. A cleaning powder is added to an air-water mixture under pressure, which does not attack the tooth enamel, but removes discoloration and hard plaque even in inaccessible places.


The treatment is completely painless. Another advantage is that no metallic cleaning instruments are used and thus the scratching noise is avoided, which many patients find pleasant. A final polish smoothes the tooth surfaces. To ensure that your teeth remain white and healthy in the future, your dentist recommends a professional tooth cleaning (PZR) once or twice a year.

Our Munich prophylaxis is individually tailored to you

With individual prophylaxis in Schwabing, we educate our patients, help with problems with the cleaning technique, as well as with the use of dental floss and give you helpful nutrition tips. With the help of a rapid test, we can determine your individual caries risk and advise you in more detail about your dental care. A kind of “smear” from the oral cavity can show you how prone you are to tooth decay within minutes.

In this way, if there is a high risk of tooth decay, you can extend the life and health of your teeth early enough through prophylactic measures from your dentist.

Prevention of periodontal disease

When it comes to preventing tooth decay and periodontitis, regular brushing and thorough cleaning of your teeth is not enough. The formation of bacterial deposits (plaque) cannot be completely avoided even with optimal oral hygiene at home and daily dental care. Inflammation of the gums can occur quickly as a result. Without regular PZR you expose yourself and your teeth to an increased risk of developing tooth decay or the like. This can result in periodontal disease with loosening of the teeth and even teeth falling out. So don't hesitate and make an appointment now for professional teeth cleaning at your dentist in Munich Schwabing.

VHFit and up to speed
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I was looking for a new dentist and first tried a PZR (teeth cleaning). Even for a smaller filling I was able to get a suitable appointment immediately. I then decided to have an implant after years of fearing it. Everything went well.
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Great practice, very nice team! The teeth cleaning was carried out extremely sensitively and every step was explained. I feel very comfortable here!



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