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We enable you to have a peaceful sleep again

Many people consciously or unconsciously suffer from nocturnal crunching - also known as bruxism. Occupational stress in particular causes us to process problems in the form of crunching at night. You can find out what effects this tooth clenching can have and what we can do about it in our Schwabing dental practice here:


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The consequences of excessive grinding

Nocturnal crunching should not be taken lightly. Bruxism can not only damage teeth, it can also cause headaches and neck pain or even tight jaw muscles.

In particularly bad cases, the constant grinding can lead to tooth fractures, tooth loss and a complete derailment of the sensitive temporomandibular joint system.

Emotional problems can also be the result of the restless sleep caused by the crunching.

Our effective crunch treatment

A plastic splint specially made for your jaw protects your teeth at night and takes the strain off your jaw muscles. The splint protects the teeth from wear and tear during nighttime grinding.

The cost of this effective treatment is largely borne by the health insurance. Make an appointment for a consultation in our Schwabing dental practice and say goodbye to nocturnal crunch attacks forever.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Hodbod and very satisfied. I have needed a splint for many years and have had Dr. Hodbod got the right splint made for me. We recommend. Tooth fillings and advice are also to my complete satisfaction. dr Hodbod and his practice team are very nice and as a patient you can feel the good working atmosphere. Free drinks are offered in the beautiful waiting room. All in one, great feel-good factor.



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