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Surveys have shown that people with white teeth are perceived more positively by their environment than people with discolored teeth. In our society, bright and radiant teeth are a true symbol of success - it doesn't matter whether in everyday professional life or in mastering private life. However, discoloration of the teeth often affects the visual appearance.



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Professional bleaching at your dentist in Munich can whiten your teeth safely and gently and also polish up your self-confidence and your charisma. Discoloration is often caused by the consumption of coffee, tea, nicotine or red wine. But fillings that have stored dyes, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or metal pins under fillings can become visible over time.

Using various modern methods, your dentist can whiten your teeth or use gentle cosmetics. So you can proudly present your white teeth to those around you while laughing and talking radiantly.

Your whitening dentist in Munich

Whitening is the name given to the re-whitening of discolored teeth or naturally darker teeth. In our practice in Schwabing, home bleaching is used as professional teeth whitening.
A gentle 10 % or 15% whitening gel is placed in pre-made aligners and used at home for 30 minutes a day. After 12 days, a lightening of one or two color levels is usually achieved.


In the first appointment we take an impression of your teeth and the tooth color using a scale. In the second appointment, we will apply the first whitening process together with you. So we can show you exactly how to use the material correctly. After completing the entire whitening application cycle, we determine the color again using the scale.

Who is teeth whitening suitable for?

Professional whitening is not necessarily suitable for every tooth or patient. Our dentist will therefore thoroughly examine you and your teeth in advance so that there are no risks for you. With teeth whitening in Munich, it is particularly important that your teeth are free of caries at the time of whitening and that they do not have any small cracks. Through these cracks, the whitening substance could penetrate the tooth and to the root and irritate it there.

Even open wounds in the gums should already have healed with cosmetic whitening. It should also be noted that dentures or crowns will not change their original color, as the bleaching cannot work in these areas.
Even with hypersensitive teeth, we will advise you in advance whether tooth whitening is an option for you or not.

Air-flow treatment

Whitening is the name given to the re-whitening of discolored teeth or teeth that are naturally darker. Home bleaching is used in our practice in Schwabing.

Discolouration of nicotine, coffee, tea and red wine can be removed with the “Air-Flow® -system” or powder jet device.

A cleaning powder is added to an air-water mixture under pressure, which does not attack the tooth enamel, but removes discoloration even in inaccessible areas. The treatment is completely painless. A final polish smoothes the tooth surfaces.
The Air-Flow® system is also used as part of our professional teeth cleaning. Veneers and front tooth fillings are other proven methods of dental aesthetics for a natural result and all-round beautiful teeth.

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I was looking for a new dentist and first tried a PZR (teeth cleaning). Even for a smaller filling I was able to get a suitable appointment immediately. I then decided to have an implant after years of fearing it. Everything went well.
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Great practice, very nice team! The teeth cleaning was carried out extremely sensitively and every step was explained. I feel very comfortable here!



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