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Dental cosmetics in your dental practice in Munich

The correction of tooth gaps, discolored and crooked teeth and unsightly fillings are the subject of dental aesthetics. In our dental practice, we correct misalignments or do gentle cosmetics. Patients come to our dental practice in Schwabing in Munich because they want more perfect teeth or even suffer psychologically from unsightly teeth.

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Dental aesthetic treatments ensure that you no longer have to hide your teeth when you smile. Even minor corrections by correcting the shape of individual teeth that are too narrow are possible with so-called veneers in our practice in Schwabing. We also offer bleaching treatments that make your teeth shine in a fresh white. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, let your story begin with a smile with us, your dentist for dental aesthetics in Munich.

Veneers around Schwabing

In the field of dental aesthetics, veneers are wafer-thin shells made of ceramic. These are glued to the teeth with a special plastic. Veneers are mainly used in the context of dental aesthetics in the anterior region:

  • Correction of crooked teeth
  • discolored teeth that cannot be treated with whitening
  • Repair of broken teeth or tooth parts
  • Correction of the shape of teeth (too narrow, too short)
  • Removal of gaps in teeth that are too far apart (diastema)

We use zirconium oxide, a modern high-performance material used in dental medicine, for veneers as metal-free full ceramic dentures. The material is not only white and easy to tolerate, it is also extremely strong. Consequently, it is recommended for metal-free crowns and bridges - due to the high strength values - even in the posterior region, which is exposed to high chewing loads. Aesthetically, this type of all-ceramic is ahead of the usual metal-ceramics and is therefore preferred by our practice and our patients.

Braces alternative: splint therapy

If you suffer from misaligned teeth and want to correct them inconspicuously, you've come to the right place. Our aligner rails consist of thin, transparent and removable plastic parts. They work like braces that are invisible even when smiling and enable aesthetic corrections without the interventions and the inconvenience of ordinary braces. With the help of an impression, you will receive a free and individually tailored therapy plan and a cost estimate for the treatment when you make an appointment with us. If you want to learn more about this orthodontic treatment method, check out our aligner splints page. Here we provide more information for you online. We would also be happy to advise you at an appointment in our dental practice in Munich.

Aesthetic front tooth filling Munich

With the modern composite systems, lifelike results can be achieved using a special layering technique when filling the teeth. An aesthetically demanding implementation by an experienced dentist is particularly important in the anterior region. With dentine and enamel materials, the light permeability of young teeth can be optimally reproduced, so that, thanks to dentistry, you can shine carefree with every smile.


With their clear aesthetics, white teeth radiate health, beauty and self-confidence. But healthy teeth also tend to be discolored and coated by bacteria and discolored foods such as coffee. If you want to keep the aesthetic whiteness, you should therefore not only have regular prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning performed in our dental practice in Munich, but also gentle and professional teeth whitening for beautiful teeth. Our expertise also includes the option of home bleaching using bleaching gels and a custom-made dental splint as well as the use of a modern Air-Flow® system or powder jet device to remove discoloration.

VHFit and up to speed
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I was looking for a new dentist and first tried a PZR (teeth cleaning). Even for a smaller filling I was able to get a suitable appointment immediately. I then decided to have an implant after years of fearing it. Everything went well.
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Great practice, very nice team! The teeth cleaning was carried out extremely sensitively and every step was explained. I feel very comfortable here!



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