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Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and qualified medical achievements, we are now able to relieve severe toothache in a quick and uncomplicated way. In many cases, tooth pain can even be completely avoided with early treatment. Surgical interventions allow us to preserve teeth that should have been extracted in the past.


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Endodontics is a dental treatment method for people whose pulp (tooth nerve) is damaged.

In everyday parlance, this usually refers to a root treatment, also known as a root canal treatment, through which dead or inflamed teeth can be preserved.

The causes of such damage to the dental nerve can be bacteria or inflammation caused by bacteria. An accident involving teeth can also lead to injuries to the dental nerve.

In order to avoid further inflammation, such as an inflammation of the jawbone or even the death of tooth nerves, access to the root canal of the affected tooth is created with special instruments. The compromised pulp and bacteria are removed and the root canals are carefully cleaned and disinfected. Then the root canals and the access are tightly sealed.

In our dental practice in Munich, individual advice and personal prophylaxis are just as much a part of our range of services as competent and specialist treatment. You - dear patient - are always the focus of our work. Your well-being is very important to us. We look forward to your visit to our practice in Munich Schwabing and look after you with our professional and high quality standards.

How does a Munich root canal treatment come about?

Inflammation of the teeth can have various causes: A crack in the tooth due to excessive grinding, for example, but also leaky filling edges can be the causes of serious inflammations, for example. Most of the time, however, caries-related diseases are the reason for a dental root canal treatment.

If bacteria attack the tooth substance (e.g. due to tooth decay), they can also damage the root inside the tooth. Due to cracks or leaks, bacteria can get deep into the tooth. There they can attack the trade and the tooth root and cause irreparable damage there. But don't worry - as an experienced team of dentists, we look after you in our dental practice in Munich with professional root canal treatments.

Healthy teeth in our dental practice in the heart of Munich

The process of a root canal treatment

Thorough investigation

Oral surgical interventions on the diseased teeth are required to combat tooth inflammation. These require a high level of professional expertise in the field of dentistry as well as the most modern technical methods. In our practice, they are carried out professionally by our specialists.

Painless nerve treatment

After a local anesthetic, the corresponding nerve is removed from the inside of the tooth without any pain for our patient. Although there are rare cases of very sensitive teeth, thanks to the best medical treatment methods, absolutely painless treatment is possible for you.

Perfect care of the dental nerve canal

In the further procedure, the affected dental nerve canal is expanded with special files and carefully cleaned. By rinsing with various disinfecting solutions, all bacteria are completely eliminated. If necessary, a microscope is used to show all the root canals of a tooth.

Professional aftercare

This completes the direct root canal treatment. The resulting cavities are then securely closed with a filling material. It is not uncommon for the root-treated tooth to be provided with a crown for reasons of stability.

Comprehensive advice

Do you have any questions about root treatment? Would you like advice on implantology or root fillings and would you like further information? We are happy to advise you. So do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment directly in our local dental practice.

Treatment methods and instruments used in our practice:

Depending on the case, a root canal treatment can be a more or less complex treatment. In order to ensure a high success rate and to avoid a new root canal treatment in the near future, it usually makes sense to do this in two sessions.

In the course of an endodontic treatment, we use proven techniques and qualified dental methods:

  • A highly precise, electronic length measurement of the root canal instead of the conventional X-ray image.
  • Extremely flexible nickel-titanium instruments for single use. This reduces the risk of breakage due to frequent use and very narrow or curved channels can be cleaned.
  • Ultrasonic activation of the rinsing liquids.
  • Rinsing of the individual channels with different liquids that act on different germ spectra. Through this process we can guarantee optimal disinfection.
  • Subsequent closure of the channels with filler material.

Since these special instruments and techniques are very complex and take an above-average amount of time, the modern procedures are only partially covered by the statutory health insurances. In a non-binding consultation, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information and discuss the procedure in detail with you. We are also there for you by phone or email! We look forward to you!

FAQs - frequently asked questions:

As a patient, you will not experience any pain during your visit to the dentist in our practice as part of an endodontic treatment. We ensure this by numbing the tooth nerve and the surrounding tissue in advance. Our flawless medicinal insoles ensure optimal root canal treatment and are individually tailored to our patients.

The root canal treatment session (from removing the inflammation and tooth decay to filling the root) usually lasts about an hour. Our specialists are always at your side and take care of your individual needs.

Your own regular and careful dental care is of great importance for strong teeth and a healthy pulp. On the other hand, we recommend regular check-ups and professional tooth cleaning in our dental practice in Munich Schwabing. Sustainable prophylaxis is useful for long-term success. you want to arrange an appointment? On our website we offer you the option of making appointments online. In this way, you can arrange a treatment directly and without much effort. We are also there for you by phone or email, in our dental practice in the heart of Schwabing in Munich.

LUBest doctor in years!
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I was there for a root canal and everything went great. After my old dentist ruined my healthy teeth I would have had little faith, but it's definitely back now! I can only advise everyone to go to Mr. Hodbod. I absolutely love it and will never go anywhere else!
STGreat team!
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In March I entered the practice as a “fear patient” with complaints. After several treatments that were unfortunately necessary (including a root canal treatment), I left the practice healed, free of symptoms and very satisfied. The "fear" was taken away from me. In addition to the friendliness and competence of the entire team, I have particularly positive memories: a completely pain-free treatment over several sessions. Not even the anesthetic injections could be felt. Highly recommended team!



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