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The supply of implants and dentures is part of our specialized treatment spectrum in implantology.

If a tooth is largely destroyed, it must be restored with a crown. Our dentists can close the missing tooth with a fixed bridge. If several teeth are already missing, the chewing function can be restored either with a denture, a partial denture or with the help of implants. 

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It therefore depends on the size of the area to be treated whether a fixed denture or a removable denture is used. In our professional dental practice in Schwabing, our dentists will be happy to help you find the ideal dentures for you. If you need more information from your dentist, you can of course call us at any time or send us an email.

Tooth implantation around Munich

A dental implant is an 8-16mm long, artificial tooth root. It is placed in the jaw where a missing tooth is located. The implant or the fixed denture performs the same task as the natural tooth and offers an equally secure hold. Healthy neighboring teeth no longer have to be crowned for anchoring. Only the tooth that is actually missing is replaced. A large number of options and materials relating to modern implantology are available to our patients in our practice. Here you will receive advice on all aspects of dental implants.

In most cases, dental implants are made of titanium, as the material has many advantages in practice. On the one hand, it is very well tolerated and usually does not trigger a rejection reaction, on the other hand, it scores with a long shelf life. Before the implant is used, the material is roughened so that it bonds better with the bone substance and the dental implant grows better together with the jawbone. After the dental implant has been placed, it has to heal for around 4-6 months before it is fitted with a crown.

Professional dentures Munich

With implants, crowns, bridges or prostheses can be anchored in a stable manner where there are otherwise no holding elements in the gums. The natural chewing function of our patients is thus restored. Dental implants give a more natural feeling than conventional prostheses and prevent the dreaded bone loss in toothless jaw sections. This does not damage the bone. Large tooth gaps can thus be eliminated. You can find more information about our implants on the information page of our implant manufacturer CAMLOG.

Zirconium oxide - optimal properties for a denture material

Break-proof, aesthetic, well tolerated, tasteless, in white color - zirconium oxide is a modern high-performance material in dental medicine and is used for metal-free dentures made of all-ceramic.

The material is not only white and well tolerated, it is also extremely strong, so it is recommended for metal-free crowns and bridges - due to its high strength values, it can even be used in the posterior region, which is exposed to high chewing loads.

Aesthetically, this type of all-ceramic takes precedence over the usual metal-ceramics. After the dentures have been inserted, we recommend an appointment with your dentist in Schwabing as soon as possible. Even afterwards, regular appointments and checks help to keep your dentures functional for as long as possible.

Benefit from "dental technology made in Germany"

Are you insured with the KKH? Then you can look forward to a special offer now! Our Biodentis laboratory from Leipzig offers dentures for those insured with KKH - for reasons of cooperation with this health insurance company - cheaper than regular.

Regardless of whether inlays, bridges, crowns or abutments, the special conditions of the German master laboratory Biodentis apply to all types of dentures, such as implants and prostheses. Call us now or visit us directly in our dental practice in Leopoldstrasse in Munich and find out more about our range and dental implants in Munich. We make you shine, because beautiful teeth should be on everyone's lips.

Metal-free dentures and restorations made of zirconium oxide - as good as the natural teeth through implantology

Zirconium oxide, also known as white gold, combines perfect aesthetic dentistry with outstanding material properties. So today you can do without gold - from the smallest glass ceramic filling to multi-span bridges. In the visible area, especially on the neck of the tooth, this has the advantage that you do not see any unsightly gold or silver edges. The result looks very similar to a natural tooth.

With artificial teeth, an aesthetically highly pleasing result can be achieved. Especially with metal-free dentures, the natural color of the teeth can be optimally imitated. The light transmission is almost the same as that of a normal tooth. All-ceramic dentures are particularly relevant for patients who cannot tolerate metal in the mouth due to allergies, taste impairments, temperature sensitivity or electrical voltages and who still want to remove larger gaps and who do not want to forego the feel and aesthetics of real teeth.

Advantages of an implant-supported denture

During the treatment, the artificial tooth roots are anchored directly in the jawbone, without damaging the bone. For this purpose, an implant-supported denture is the most stable, fixed denture. The shape and color of the artificial teeth or tooth crowns are adapted to the adjacent real and fixed teeth so that the dental implant cannot be recognized and there is no difference between an existing tooth and an artificial tooth as well as the other fixed teeth. In addition, there is no need to grind healthy teeth in the course of the treatment. The existing tooth and bone remain intact. Another advantage is that the dental implants prevent bone loss due to the natural stress on the jawbone and can even support bone formation.

Frequently asked questions about dental implants

This is one of the most common questions. After the implant has been inserted, the healing time is around four to six months. Until the time of healing, a temporary denture is used. This may be lightly loaded after the implantation. When the implant is firmly anchored in the jawbone, the actual dentures or crowns are inserted into the patient.

Thanks to modern diagnostics, there are virtually no risks for our patients with regard to the implantation. Should it happen that side effects occur after implant treatment, our specialists in our practice in Munich are available for subsequent treatment. However, as is the case with peri-implantitis of the gums, rejection of a healed implant is very unlikely.

Prophylaxis significantly increases the likelihood that the dental implant and the dental crown will be preserved. Proper oral hygiene for implant patients, regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning by the doctor are the basis of prevention. 

Once the local anesthetic has worn off, the wound needs to be cooled. A short time after the dental implant is inserted, the patient can drink again. During the period in which the local anesthesia is still effective, you should refrain from eating. Soft foods should preferably be eaten during the healing process. In the first few days after the implantation, physical exertion should also be avoided.

Dental implant costs

The cost plan for a dental implant is usually significantly higher than with other treatment options, such as removable dentures. These, at first glance, comparatively high costs result from the complex and intensive treatment. The final dental implant cost can only be determined after a full examination of the patient. The assumption of the cost of a dental implant by a private health insurance company depends on the individual insurance contract of each patient. With other private health insurances, it is possible that only a maximum of a fixed subsidy is paid. As a member of a statutory health insurance, the costs must be borne by yourself. However, those with statutory health insurance have the option of taking out additional dental insurance, which can lower the cost of dental implants with statutory health insurance companies. If the fixed grant raises further questions, you should contact your health insurance company. The exact cost plan is then drawn up after an examination with the responsible doctor.

Durability of a dental implant

Thanks to modern dentistry, the dental implant is now considered to be extremely solid and durable compared to a combined denture that contains a removable part. If the patient and the treating dentist guarantee long-term good care, the dental implant can have an unlimited shelf life. The dental implant can replace lost teeth with new teeth for life.

You are in the best of hands.

Through our memberships in the DGI and DGZMK, we offer treatment in our dental practice in Munich according to the latest standards of implantology and the use of the most modern procedures.

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Easy appointment selection online, nice practice, hardly any waiting time. Good explanations, fast work, great hygiene. I got the implant almost completely pain-free, even with the injections there is hardly any pain. I am very satisfied and have no complaints.
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I am so happy in this practice and with this competent dentist. Mr. Hodbod explains everything in detail and in a way that I can understand. The advice is perfect and everything he has done to my teeth so far is excellent. Now I just got an implant with bone augmentation. I'm very happy with that too. I am always happy to recommend him to my friends. Some are already in his practice and are just as satisfied as I am. I would also like to mention that his team is also very competent.



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