Dentistry for seniors

Competent and sensitive dental treatment for older patients

In our dental practice we offer dental care for seniors. We understand that the needs of elderly patients require special attention, especially when it comes to dentures, maintaining oral health and comfortable treatment methods. Our experienced team is committed to offering each senior individual and compassionate treatment.


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Adapted treatment for elderly patients

For seniors, regular dental care is crucial to maintaining oral health and preventing problems. In our practice, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments specifically tailored to the needs of older patients. From prophylaxis to dentures and special treatment methods, we ensure that every senior receives the best possible care.

How do teeth change with age?

Over the course of life, teeth undergo various changes that can intensify with increasing age. Here are some of the key changes that occur to teeth as we age:

  • Enamel wear: Tooth enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth, can wear away over time. This causes teeth to become more susceptible to tooth decay, cracking, and abrasion.
  • Discoloration of teeth: Over time, teeth can lose their natural color and appear darker or yellower. This is often due to long-term consumption of coloring foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea or red wine, as well as smoking.
  • Receding gums: As we age, the gums can recede, which can result in more of the tooth or even the tooth root being exposed. This increases the risk of gum disease and sensitivity.
  • Tooth loss: Older people are at increased risk of tooth loss due to factors such as tooth decay, periodontitis (a serious gum disease), or simply due to natural aging processes.
  • Dry mouth: As we age, the production of saliva can decrease, leading to dry mouth. Dry mouth increases the risk of oral health problems because saliva helps remove food particles and neutralize acids.
  • Changes in the jawbone: As we age, the jawbone can shrink, especially if teeth are missing. This can affect the fit of dental prostheses, such as dentures, and may require adjustments.

To manage these age-related changes, it is important to maintain regular dental visits and maintain good oral hygiene. As your dentist, we give you specific recommendations to support your oral health even as you get older.

Frequently asked questions about dental care for seniors

Regular dental care is extremely important for seniors to maintain overall oral health and detect problems early. Regular check-ups help prevent diseases such as inflammation of the gums or dental disease.

We offer a range of specialist treatments tailored to the needs of older patients, including gentle cleaning methods, fitting and maintenance of dentures and advice on oral hygiene for those with limited motor skills.

No, unfortunately we cannot offer home visits for patients

HMLong-time patient
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"As an older patient, I appreciate the patient and sensitive treatment in the practice. The dentist takes time for me and my special needs."
SSTop treatment
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"I'm glad I found a dentist who understands what I need. The advice and treatment is always top-notch, and my dentures fit perfectly."
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"The regular checks in the practice give me peace of mind. I know that my teeth are in good hands and that I can still bite firmly even as I get older."



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