Unsightly discolouration of the teeth - who doesn't know them?

Professional teeth cleaning in Munich

Unsightly discolouration of the teeth also occurs with the right dental care due to external influences such as nicotine, coffee, tea or red wine. So that you do not have to do without these stimulants in your everyday life and achieve the goal of healthy teeth, we use in our practice the "Air-Flow ® -System".

When cleaning teeth with Air Flow, the patient's teeth are ejected from the Air Flow device by a jet of water and salt or water and sand by compressed air. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly used as a solid ingredient. Patients perceive a pleasant taste of lemon only when brushing their teeth.

The pressure of the inflowing water jet and the solid particles clean the deposits on the tooth surface as well as tartar. Hence the Tooth cleaning with Air Flow a way to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and other oral diseases, as bacteria that contribute to the formation of tooth decay and substances that promote bacterial growth are retained in the plaque.

With the Air Flow tooth cleaning you can also reach areas that cannot be removed with normal tooth brushing. Water powder does not attack sensitive tooth enamel. The airflow process can also partially eliminate unsightly discolorations that have been present for many years from drinking coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine and other food and drinks.

In addition, the patient has a pleasantly clean and soft feeling on the teeth after the airflow. When cleaning the teeth with the air stream, there is usually no pain, the treatment is quite comfortable for the patient.

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