treatment of tooth decay?

Tooth filling in Munich

In the vast majority of cases, teeth are damaged by tooth decay. Tooth decay is a process in which healthy teeth are gradually demineralized by acidic waste products from harmful bacteria. What remains is a porous mass of decaying tooth structure, "cavity". If this process is not stopped, defects will continue to develop. the treatment consists in removing the damaged tooth material and filling the cavities with suitable materials. Plastics, also known as fillers, are used as filling materials. Materials differ in properties, suitability for use, aesthetics, longevity and last but not least in the processing effort.

In our practice we use three different techniques tooth filling on:

  1. Cast fillings are a type of solid filling material (metallic filling) for molars in dentistry, which in most cases consists of a gold alloy. Cast fillings are usually made of precious metals. Gold alloys are mainly used as filling materials in the molar area.
  2. the cement filling is a temporary filling with a special dental cement. Nowadays, phosphate cement or glass cement is used for this type of filling. The latter is generally preferred as it adheres better to the tooth structure.
  3. In the plastic filling There are simple and layered types in varying tooth colors. Defects in the front and side teeth can be treated by inserting a plastic filling (also called composite filling). In contrast to gold or amalgam fillings, resin fillings adapt to the tooth color and are therefore more aesthetically pleasing. At the same time they stabilize the dentin by binding the dentin. Compared to amalgam fillings, they contain no mercury. In addition, resin fillings can be used for deciduous and permanent teeth, canine areas and fillings prior to crown placement.

Do you have pain and feel like you might have tooth decay? Arrange one now meeting and let us advise and treat you in our practice.

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