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Tooth filling in Munich

Tooth fillings consist of artificial materials that are built into the tooth. The shape and function of the diseased tooth can be restored with fillings. The tooth is protected from destruction.

The affected areas are anesthetized locally. First, the tooth is freed from caries, disinfected, cleaned and marked with cotton. This keeps the affected area and the area to be treated dry and the surface of the tooth is optimal for the use of the tooth filling to get prepared.

dental fillings are necessary when healthy teeth are damaged. The most common trigger for the use of dental fillings is tooth decay. Poor oral hygiene causes harmful bacteria to accumulate on the tooth surface, which then attack the tooth substance and penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth. A filling is essential to prevent further damage.

If a tooth is not treated, the existing damage can increase drastically. The caries can penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth until a painful inflammation finally forms. Then a simple filling is usually no longer sufficient.

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