Root canal treatment

The rescue for your teeth

the root canal treatment (also called root canal treatment) is a dental procedure to save dead or inflamed teeth. Bacteria are removed with special instruments and the function of the teeth is restored. So you don't have to let them go. A successful root canal treatment can save a tooth for years, even decades.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

  1. For periodontitis (tooth root inflammation):
    If bacteria attack the tooth substance and are not prevented in time, they penetrate the inside of the tooth and reach the tooth root. Undetected or untreated tooth decay often leads to periodontitis. Root canal treatment can save a diseased tooth.
  2. Root canal treatment for dentures
    Root canal treatment is also possible before the crown or bridge is fitted. When the dentist has to remove a large part of the tooth structure, the pulp is partially or even completely exposed. At this point, bacteria can easily enter and cause inflammation of the teeth. To prevent this possible root infection, dentists usually remove the pulp completely. The crown or the bridges are then secured longer.


You wonder why one Root canal treatment is important and what are the benefits?

ūü¶∑ The natural tooth is preserved and sits firmly in the jaw.

ūü¶∑ Optically, a root-treated tooth does not differ from the other natural teeth.

ūü¶∑ Elaborate dentures are not necessary.

ūü¶∑ The treated tooth is ideal as a support if a bridge over neighboring tooth gaps becomes necessary at a later date.

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